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Glomatek's Featured Products

WaterBoss Guns

Waterboss Spay Guns


Made in U.S.A.

Cool & comfortable grip.

Stainless Steel internals.

Delivers More Cleanup Power.

Low force front trigger design.

Superlok i-Fittings

Award Winning Patent.

Safest Fitting in the Market.

Ends leaks - Saves Time & Money.

Built in Gap Gauge on Every Fitting.

Interchangeable with all Major Brands.

Ends Over Tightening & Under Tightening.

Tube Fittings

Magid Safety Gloves

Minimal shrinkage.

Precision and flexibility.

Color-coded cuffs for protection against particles.

Wide range of sizes that improves performance.

Machine washable and extended wear life.

Safety Magid Glove

Personal Protection Equipment


Eye Protection.

Face Protection​​.

Head Protection.

Welding Helmets.

Hearing Protection.

Face Protection Mask

Heico Lock & Tec

Wedge Lock Washers.

Ring Lock Washers.

Wedge Lock Nuts​​.

Wheel Nuts.

Tension Nut.

Reaction Nuts.

Lock Washers

Industrial Cleaning Products

Remove Grase and Oil.

Perfect for domestic and

industrial enviroments.

FleetKleen - Bio Cleaner & Degreaser.

SpillAway+ Hydrocarbon Absorbent.

FPT 600 - Food Grade Bio Cleaner & Degreaser.

Degreaser Cleaner

Unasco Thread Seal Tape

White Thread Seal Tape.

Industrial Thread Seal Tape.

Yellow Gas Thread Seal Tape.

Stainless Steel Thread Seal Tape.

Green Oxygen Thread Seal Tape.

Gold High Density Tape.

Copper Anti Seize Tape.

Seal Tape

Valtek Spare Parts



Valtek Spare Parts
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