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Winter Jackets

Yellow Heated Vest
Heated Jacket
Heated Jacket with Reflection
Reversible Jacket
Heated Hoodie
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Glomatek's Featured Products

WaterBoss Guns

Waterboss Spay Guns


Made in U.S.A.

Cool & comfortable grip.

Stainless Steel internals.

Delivers More Cleanup Power.

Low force front trigger design.

Superlok i-Fittings

Award Winning Patent.

Safest Fitting in the Market.

Ends leaks - Saves Time & Money.

Built in Gap Gauge on Every Fitting.

Interchangeable with all Major Brands.

Ends Over Tightening & Under Tightening.

Tube Fittings

Work Gloves

Minimal shrinkage.

Precision and flexibility.

Color-coded cuffs for protection against particles.

Wide range of sizes that improves performance.

Machine washable and extended wear life.

Safety Magid Glove

Personal Protection Equipment


Eye Protection.

Face Protection​​.

Head Protection.

Welding Helmets.

Hearing Protection.

Face Protection Mask
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