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Z-Disc Control Valve

Z-DISC vane offers a number of distinct advantages to the user only found in expensive globe style control valves.


  • Equal Percentage flow characteristics

  • Identical flow pattern in either flow direction

  • Unaffected by fluid induced dynamic torque problems

  • Low breakaway torque

  • High Flow capacity

  • Space saving face-to-face dimensions

  • Tight shut off

  • Available in sanitary version

Z-Disc Control Valve vane, Globe Control Valve
Globe Control Valve, Z-Disc valve

Z-Disc Control Valve -FEATURES

This Novel CONTROL VALVE offers four unique and special features unavailable with competitive products:

  1. The distinct Z-Disc vane seats in an angle to the vertical axis of the valve. This assures EXTREMELY LOW OPENING TORQUE and avoids "jumping off" the seat during start up. It allows, "bump less" flow control practically all the way to the point of shutoff.

  2. The overhanging collars of the Z-Disc, cooperating with the bore of the valve, provide gradual, exponential area increase this creating an EQUAL PERCENTAGE flow characteristic. (See graph)

  3. The void created by the overhang of the Z-Disc eliminates the suction effect typically experienced by flat vanes and responsible for "slamming" at certain travel positions. This Z-Disc vane in contrast, offers a VERY LOW AND CONSTANT DYNAMIC TORQUE characteristic and therefore STABLE CONTROL.

  4. The fact that the Z-Disc vane is PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL allows for installations with flow coming from the left as well as from the right without any alterations of the flow characteristics.

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