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  • Identification of available, trustworthy, valuable sources to match Client's requirements.

  • Sourcing:   Contact, exchange of information, definition of key parameters.

  • Analysis and Evaluation:   Dual work between Procurement Agent and Client

  • Verification:   Due diligence on every specific detail and requests by the Client

  • Approval:   Decision and certification of approved vendors. 


  • Price Updates, comparison and decision to place P.O. for best option at the time of purchasing. 

  • Best option is sometimes lead time, or pricing, or combination of several factors.

  • Follow up for on-time shipment and definition of back orders when they occur.


  • Verification and control of packing requirements, and all pre-shipment actions from point of origin.

  • Surveyor and inspection service, by a certified surveyor team affiliated to our organization.

  • Search and analyze best available sources for transportation to GLOMATEK's warehouse, or to assigned third party warehouse, or to port of shipment or other location as per Client's instructions.

  • Consolidation of Cargo of multiple sources for single shipments from our warehouse.

  • Logistics (packing, transportation, shipping) and paperwork for exports (customs and other).

  • Issuing of every single shipping document as per Client's instructions (invoices, packing list, other).

  • Shipments, and courier documents to Client, or to banks, in case of Letters of Credit.

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