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A disinfectant affecting the DNA of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Introduced into the laundry system's water during filling and throughtout the wash cycle. Direct-injection via sparging rod technology is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).


  • Significantly Reduce Hot Water Usage

  • Reduce Water/Sewer Usage

  • Reduce Chemical Usage

  • Reduce Energy Consumption with Shorter Drying Times

  • Improve Linen Quality

EnviroCleanse Systems PLC for On Premise Laundry

Washer Steps

  • SUDS:

    • Alkali (soap) added to cold water causes textile fibers to swell​

    • Bonds between soils and fibers break and soil is oxidized

    • The pH is raised to a slightly lower level than conventional wash process

    • Less water is needed to rince out residual alkali as a result of the fibers swelling


    • Stains are oxidized by bleaching agents and ozone​

    • Bleach is eventually neutralized

    • Leaving no residual in linens

    • Minimizing linen damage often caused by residual chemicals

  • SOUR:

    • Used to adjust pH to a proper level​

    • Allows ozone to continue the cleansing process


    • Fabric softeners are no longer needed because the alkali and acid do not create salt crystals​

    • Better extract

    • Shorter drying times and more absorbent linens

Commercial On Premise Laundry Machines with Ozone Laundry Systems by EnviroCleanse
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