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Bio Cleaners & Degreasers

FleetKleen | SpillAway+ | FPT-600

FleetKleen - Bio Cleaner & Degreaser

FleetKleen utilizes bioremedial technology to literally “eat” grease, oil, and hydrocarbons off any hard surface. This process uses naturally occurring, harmless micro-organisms with specially formulated bio-surfactants to degrade these hydrocarbons.
Some applications:

  • Fueling Stations

  • Oil Storage

  • Concrete Walls & Walkways

  • Manufacturing Floors

  • Hydraulic Line Breaks and more...

SpillAway+ Hydrocarbon Absorbent

It is a multi-use absorbent with bioremedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills.  Spillaway+ absorbs and degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products.

Some Applications:

FPT 600 - Food Grade Bio Cleaner & Degreaser

 FPT-600 food processing plant cleaner is an ideal general purpose cleaner-degreaser to be used in food processing plants and restaurants. It is has the unique ability to "digest" animal/vegetable greases, fats, oils, lipids & starches using a breakthrough microbial-enzymatic bioremediation process.


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